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GOLD CORN s.r.o. was founded in 2008 and it is situated in Komárno, Slovakia.

Its founders have been engaged in the application, development and implementation of drying and storage technologies for over 30 years. We have significant references in Hungary, where we have established more than 200 plants, we also have references in Slovakia, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, France, Germany, Ireland and in many other places.Our established plants are characterized by high technical standards and demanding construction, durability, reliability, and energy efficiency. We are able to find a solution for every existing dried crop, material and product and to implement the appropriate drying technique.After an on-site visit and reconciliation, we provide a complex, comprehensive offer, from design to turnkey delivery in agriculture, chemical industry, food industry in and other areas.

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Three chutes Taiho machine commissioning

Three chutes Taiho machine commissioning

Recently, the first 3 chutes TAIHO color sorting machine was installed in Újfehértó. In addition, we have tested several types of seeds (white beans, tabby beans, chickpeas, sunflower seeds, amaranth) and we have achieved excellent results.

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