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Belt dryer for Bimoass

Belt dryer for Bimoass

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STELA Laxhuber GmbH

Stela is an internationally recognized company that has a successful track record in biomass drying - from the very beginning they have been actively working in this sector and had a decisive impact on low-calorific heating technology. Today, they are the market leaders with over 400 installed low temperature belt dryers worldwide.

Technical specifications:

• Output ranges, evaporation up to 50 t/h of water can be realized

• Total performance of sawdust dryers is equivalent to 5,000,000 tons of pellets per year

• Total water withdrawals up to 5.3 million tons a year

• Own production facilities, trained and experienced STELA staff under continuous quality control

Belt dryers are used for many products in many areas:

• pellet industry (manufacture)

• wood glazing (gasification)

• liquid biomass (BTL)

• wood products

• cellulose and paper industry

• sawdust mill

• biomass power plants

In addition to conventional biomass (wood), STELA belt dryers can also be used to dry the following products:

coal pellets, cellulose, straw, garden waste, and much more.

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