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Digestate belt dryer

Digestate belt dryer

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Efficient digestation drying can be accomplished by two different drying processes. The process of separation and recirculation.

Principle of drying: The digested material is fed to the dryer between 50% and 25% dry matter content. Optimally spreads the material through a dual distribution screw system. The thickness of the product can be adjusted. Drying temperature between 50-100 ° C (depending on heat source). Convective drying by the flow of specific hot air through the product layer. Water withdrawal rate is about 0.8-1.0 kg water / kWhth. Frequency controlled fans for optimum efficiency. Air flow through the product layer from top to bottom - outlet air powder content <10mg / m3. A special turning tool for high product homogeneity. Low pressure operation means no leakage.

Features: • High efficiency in digestation drying • Low consumption values • Low noise and dust emissions • High quality end product • Available approx. from 200kWhthh capacity • Due to its modular design all capacity levels are possible

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