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Feed and turn dryer

Feed and turn dryer

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With a wide range of expertise in the field of drying technology STELA Laxhuber has a lot of custom solutions

offering waste heat recycling - not just biogas block heating stations. Especially for small and medium heat outputs, from 300 to 800 kW, STELA GS /SM feed and turn dryers are more modern than ever.

Robust design and decades of practice thanks to proven technology, this drying system can dry

the widest range of products, from agricultural products (pumpkin seeds, organic products, etc.)

to wood chips for heat or wood gasification.

The HS type is another development of the non-standard products. Here the dryer draws air through the product bed from bottom to top in a closed system. This has the advantage that even complex products, such as fine grain can also be dried. The air from the bottom gets into the hot water’s heat exchanger, gets through and sucks the air diagonally across the bed. The fan exhausts this air on the pickup side. The blade system delivers the product from loading to unloading – in continuous and in a batch process.

• over 1,500 working dryers

• using high quality aluminum

• low investment cost

• easy to use

• universally applicable and very flexible in case of different products

• Energy-saving drying system

• Variable bed depths from 40 to 400mm

• Easy to change the belt for optimal drying, even for fine products

• Maintenance and error free as much as possible

• Operation with touch screen PLC keypad

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