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Low temperature dryer for Sewage sludge

Low temperature dryer for Sewage sludge

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STELA Laxhuber GmbH is your professional partner in sewage sludge drying. From design to installation, from construction to service, our competent and professional team will provide you with the best. The various types of sludge are reliably and energy-efficiently dried all over the world.

Targets for sludge drying:

• saving transport and disposal costs

• Reduce storage time by using dry sludge

• The end product can be used as a CO2-minimized fuel substitute

Applications of  Belt dryers:

• communal and industrial wastewater treatment plants

• paper and pulp industry

• chemical industry

• food production

• feed industry

Safe product by STELA granulator:

• even in the case of granulation, the final moisture content is homogeneous

• low dust content, granular end product

• low maintenance, strong robustness

• Intense with dirt

STELA control system:

• Self-stabilizing process in case of disturbances

• automatically adjusts to different sludge qualities and humidities

• High quality security through comprehensive process monitoring

• low operating voltage through high-level automation

• can be used with different energy sources (hot water, natural gas, biogas, steam, exhaust gas, thermal oil)

Energy saving STELA recovery unit:

• energy saving by heat recovery

• Minimized odor emissions correspond to the amount and temperature of low harmful air

Implemented installation sizes:

• Water evaporation power up to 25,000 kg / h for 100kg / h

• The use of a given heat energy starts at 0.80 kWh per kg / H2O

• Electricity consumption starts at 0.05 kWh per kg / H2O

• different belt width for each capacity

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